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Share your company's best practice with the largest CSR network in the world...

Companies such as PepsiCo, Vodafone, InterfaceFLOR, Cargill & Microsoft use Ethical Corporations’s global sustainability network with their key stakeholders to improve engagement, share knowledge and communicate CSR & Sustainability initiaitives more effectively.

Whatever your company’s aims and challenges in CSR, Ethical Corporation will enable you to engage and communicate with the largest Responsible Business network in the world - over 85,000 CSR and corporate sustainability & CR professionals working in global businesses, NGOs, service providers, government, academia and media.

We’ll create a programme tailored specifically to address your key challenges and objectives, offering you a very powerful way to:

  • Explain in-depth your company's approach to (often complex) sustainability issues
  • Debate key issues, learn from & share best-practice with peers (on or off the record)
  • Highlight your CR initiatives, build confidence with key stakeholders, protect your reputation
  • Show thought-leadership and set the agenda on a key issue for your industry
  • Build confidence with potential clients, partners, generate new leads
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Live Debate
  • A live 2-hour online moderated discussion
  • Features you & 2 or 3 key stakeholders
  • Moderated by Ethical Corp
  • Supported by 6 weeks of communications activity to drive registrations
  • Post-debate report written by Ethical Corp, pushed out to EC Network & your stakeholders
Case Studies
"The growth of greenwash – why we need full product transparency"
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"How mobile can enable a low carbon economy"
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Moderated Roundtables
  • 2 hour face-to-face debate and discussion hosted by you, with key stakeholders and an invited audience.
  • Moderated by Ethical Corp, (Chatham House rules, or recorded/reported for communication)
Case Studies

1. UK Sustainable Agriculture – what's the role for big business in 2010
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2. Water Stewardship
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"Focus on"
Special Report
  • 15-page in-depth special report, written by Ethical Corp in collaboration with you as Report Supporter
  • Appears in Ethical Corp magazine, also as a separate document for you, and via pdf online at www.ethicalcorp.com
  • Content pushed out to EC network to drive report downloads
Case Studies
"Developing a sustainable supply chain"
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"Focus On - How to Green Food Supply Chains – from Farm to Store"
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For more information please contact:
Oliver Bamford on +44 (0) 20 7375 7518 oliver.bamford@ethicalcorp.com or
Aaron Jackson +44 (0) 20 7375 7244 aaron.jackson@ethicalcorp.com


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  • EC Monthly print magazine - has 3,200 readers, and is the leading independent magazine for sustainability
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