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Key Issues Addressed in 2016

2016 delivers on the most forward looking supply chain agenda – learn how to drive collaboration and go deeper in their supply chain to deliver bigger positive impact for stakeholders.

LEADERSHIP KEYNOTE: Prove the value of having a responsible supply chain as a source of competitive advantage

Understand the value managing supply risk has on the success of a business’ competitive advantage. Leverage opportunities within your supply chain to manage risk and become a business of the future.

CompanyName Cisco SystemsDirector Supply Chain Value ProtectionKathleen A. Shaver

PROCUREMENT KEYNOTE: Bottom line advantage – leverage the impact a responsible supply chain has on the bottom line

Procurement leaders share their vision on the value a responsible supply chain has on the bottom line. Make the business case to your procurement teams on the benefits of having a responsible supply chain to your long term business.

STRATEGY SESSION: Understand the full impact your supply chain can have on the direction of your business

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Complete speaker line-up - Program for all tracks & sessions – Audience breakdown

Theme 1: Driving supplier collaboration

Establish long-term sustainable solutions through industry-wide supplier collaboration

Step outside your comfort zone as we invite you to challenge our brave corporate brands, 3rd party partners and judges in our Supplier Collaboration Debate.

Find out the benefit partnerships bring, how brands and 3rd parties actually collaborate and what you should look for in partnership opportunities to add real value to your brand and reputation.

CompanyName Interface Senior Vice President of Operations Ton Van Keken

CompanyName Bidvest Foodservice Head of Sustainability Shirley Duncalf

How successful supplier partnership collaboration works in practice

Hear how this supplier partnership collaboration works successfully to deliver a win-win partnership for both the brand and 3rd party. We go into detail on:

  • Benefit from learning how to go beyond differences in company standards
  • Learn techniques to boost your relationship management skills
  • Understand methods to project manage a partnership to be in control of what’s happening

You will come out of this session with ideas on what can work with your potential partners to make a successful collaboration work in practice.

CompanyName Ethical Trade Initiative Category Leader: Food and Farming Nick Knightley

Diamond and Jewellery Industry Case Study: Raising industry standards though a successful supply chain management programme

The diamond and jewellery industry has faced a lot of pressure and difficulties in creating responsible supply chains. This case study highlights how to change industry perceptions in the Diamond and Jewellery industry to improve transparency and adopt best practice standards.

  • Benefit through improving consumer perceptions and promoting supply chain transparency
  • Prepare yourself to create real lasting positive change and become more trusted in your industry by key stakeholder, from consumers to investors to employees

CompanyName The De Beers Group of Companies Product Integrity Manager Purvi Shah

Improve transparency  and operational standards through supplier collaboration 

With complicated supply chains, it’s even more important that operations add value locally to prove your legacy to operate.

  • Understand the traceability chain in your supplier’s sourcing to promote more transparency in products and protect your brand image – manage the end to end value chain
  • Learn how to practically report to multiple standards and measure performance throughout your supply chain
  • Discover what successful capacity building with suppliers looks like to create more transparency and awareness of supply chain risks

CompanyName AstraZeneca Risk and Assurance Lead, Procurement Andy Rayment

Case study: Scale up supplier engagement

Engage your suppliers to take ownership of social and environmental risks and comply with procedures by: 

  • Educating 
  • Managing 
  • Monitoring 

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Complete speaker line-up - Program for all tracks & sessions – Audience breakdown

Theme 2: Working with procurement

Work better with your suppliers – bridge the gap between sustainability and procurement

Both procurement and sustainability need to align to create a risk free and robust supply chain for long term business success.

In this session, learn how to educate your procurement team to have the relevant sustainability knowledge on the material social and environmental risks to your supply chain to make better business decisions.

  • Understand how procurement actually react to sustainability commitments
  • Get ideas on what training works best for procurement teams to gauge how much you should be doing on your supplier development
  • Learn how to align your responsible sourcing strategy and procurement priorities as a process for identifying strategic suppliers and focusing responsible sourcing efforts

CompanyName Dong Energy Head of Responsible Sourcing France Bourgouin

CompanyName Bayer Head of Procurement Risk & Sustainability Delf Bintakies

Create and build a culture mind-shift 

Create and build a culture that motivates purchasing teams to make responsible purchasing decisions. Inspire your procurement team to embrace sustainability and ensure sustainability has an equal consideration in purchasing decisions.

  • Make the business case for procurement to see the benefits of integrating sustainability into their teams
  • Learn how to overcome middle management issues to build a responsible culture
  • Inspire your employees in your own organisation to be actors of change

UCD School of Business UCD School of Business Professor Donna Marshall

New Look New Look Retailers Senior CSR Manager Subathra Vaidhiyanathan

Build business relationships - what do the procurement teams think of integrating sustainability into their business

Forget about what sustainability means to sustainability folks. Hear about what sustainability means to 'the other side'. What do business functions care about and how can sustainability help them in their role? 

  • How do the business live their sustainability responsibility?
  • What does the internal sell look like to create a genuine sustainable business model?

CompanyName Novartis Former Head Responsible Procurement Katja Sbikowski

CompanyName BT plc Senior Procurement Manager Tony Roy

CompanyName Skanska Head of Procurement Dale Turner

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Complete speaker line-up - Program for all tracks & sessions – Audience breakdown

Theme 3: Managing risk beyond 1st tier

Supply chain risk management – embedding technologies to successfully manage risk

Take a practical approach to building a low risk supply chain to be on top of business risk and reputation. Leverage processes and technology that build resilience in a real way that makes sense to your suppliers.

In this session:

  • Best practice on managing high risk suppliers through a selected audit process to mitigate the biggest risks to your supply chain
  • Leverage circular economy principles to manage your supply chain processes to ensure your brand is not at risk
  • Innovative future technology with the power to disrupt supply chains 

CompanyName Ericsson Global Program Manager, Responsible Sourcing Jorgen Karlsson

CompanyName HP Inc Director, WW Environmental Operations Dr. Kirstie McIntyre

CompanyName String3 Director Tim Wilson

In-depth Modern Slavery Act workshop – what is the risk to your business of modern slavery in supply chain services?

This highly interactive session will discuss how companies are addressing modern slavery risks within their supply chains. Each roundtable will look to address issues found within their industries. With a maximum of 20 to a table, conference participants will share experiences and ideas under Chatham House Rules.

The workshops will focus on the following four industries: Manufacturing, Agriculture, Technology, Maritime

  • Understand what the modern slavery risks are to your business in supply chain services
  • Use of technology to identify, manage and drive change in your supply chain
  • How to practically eradicate slavery in your supply chain and understand the solutions
  • Manage and identify these risks below the 1st tier of suppliers to keep in line with regulation 
This session in intended to be deep dive into the Modern Slavery Act to give attendees the benefit of a longer, more focused discussion with the view of finding practical solutions to this pressing issue.

CompanyName AsiaInspection Ethical & Sustainability Practice Advisor Cornelia Gomez

CompanyName OHCHR Senior Advisor and Manager, Business & Human Rights Lene Wendland

CompanyName Human Rights at Sea CEO David Hammond

Sustainable sourcing roundtables: Managing your impacts on human rights, deforestation, climate change

In this 90-minute roundtable session we’ll look at four key soft commodities and discuss how companies can minimise their impacts in these vital areas of business. Each roundtable will be lead and facilitated by industry experts and will share best practices under Chatham House Rules.

  • Cotton – impact = human rights
  • Palm oil – impact = deforestation
  • Cocoa – impact = deforestation
  • Beef – impact = climate change

This session will include speakers sharing their work, issues and successes for the first 20 minutes. The next hour will be spent in interactive working groups where all attendees are encouraged to share issues and ideas. The final part of the session speakers will re-join the stage and share key ideas discussed on each roundtable.

CompanyName Cotton Connect CEO Alison Ward

CompanyName Golden Agri-Resources Vice President of Corporate Communications and Sustainability Relations Anita Neville

CompanyName Primark Environmental Sustainability Controller Charles Dickinson

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Complete speaker line-up - Program for all tracks & sessions – Audience breakdown