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Measure and interpret your water footprint:
How to make water reduction pay

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The facts, data & best practice on water sustainability that you need

  1. Water is the big sustainability issue today. It’s the oil of the 21st century. And it’s rapidly becoming a valuable commodity.

  2. Water sustainability is rising ever higher on the sustainable business agenda, that much is clear. Scarcity is no longer exclusively felt by developing nations but an issue everyone, especially big business, is having to tackle right now.

  3. The amount of water on the planet is finite. The problem is, it’s in the wrong place at the wrong time for most people and the population is growing at such a rate that water supply per capita is decreasing dramatically. Population growth is not the only issue either; more people are plumbing into the water system. With rapidly developing economies, domestic and industrial water requirements are soaring quicker than ever before.

  4. A third of the world’s population currently lives in water-stressed regions, by 2025, this is expected to rise to two-thirds. The big problem facing businesses is that they will always be last in the pecking order when it comes to natural resources. Domestic communities need their share, local business need theirs, and the environment will always take a big cut, as both PepsiCo and Coca Cola found out in India. Rio Tinto learned this lesson in Australia, when they faced a 50 per cent cut in their 2002-03 water allocation.

  5. Another factor to consider is investment: The $415bn Norwegian Government Pension Fund, which holds around 1% of European equities, is evaluating water risk at the 1,100 companies in which it invests. Even if you are not operating in a water stressed region now, it’s obvious your company needs to satisfy investors that you are managing water responsibly to ensure you can secure funding for growth. If only water shortage was as easy to solve as it is to understand, unfortunately its not and that is why you need to come to The Water and Business Conference 2010

This event will equip you with the tools to mitigate your water risks

This event, the Water and Business Conference 2010 on December 8th and 9th in London, will equip you with the tools to mitigate your water risks. You will hear from the world’s top business experts and gain from their practical experience. They will tell you directly how to manage your water more sustainably and how you can learn from their mistakes. To ensure you get the answers and content that you need this conference will be focused around an interactive platform: you will be able to ask the questions and have the conversations you want. This conference will have the best speakers and the highest standard of delegates; you will hear from sustainability water veterans such as PepsiCo and Unilever together with insightful case studies from companies such as Reckitt Benckiser and Diageo.

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This event will be a fantastic opportunity to network with high level CSR and sustainability professionals from a plethora of industries; we will facilitate introductions and make sure you have access to the people and information you require. Adding extra value to your experience; you will reap the benefits of NGOs such as the WWF who are attending to stimulate collaboration and give the broader perspective of the global water crisis. If water scarcity hasn’t affected you yet, it’s only a matter of time. You need to attend this conference to find out what your risks, and opportunities, really are. Take a good look at the agenda to see all the speakers and understand what you will take away from this event.

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