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Awards deadline extended to 13th June
– last chance to apply

100,000+ Global reach

15 Categories

250+ Awards attendees

Showcase leadership in 2019

2019 is a pivotal year for business. Our planet is on the brink of irreversible collapse and increasingly society expects companies to lead and address these social and environmental challenges. It’s time for business to embrace the opportunities that lie ahead and lead to a new clean and sustainable future.  

Change, innovation and technology are driving the industry forward. The ambitious, unique and pioneering work of the companies within sustainable business deserves to be recognised, celebrated and shared.

That’s why the globally renowned Responsible Business Awards 2019 will be taking place on 2nd October - to bring together the best of the best in the industry. This is a unique opportunity for you to showcase how your company is a leader and driving forward the sustainability agenda

The Awards night is a great opportunity to bring teams and clients together for an exceptional networking opportunity teamed with fantastic entertainment and an incredible celebration of the brightest and best in responsible business.

Sponsors of The Ethical Corporation Awards 2019 have a rare and exclusive chance to have their brand, reputation and solution affiliated with the finalists and winners in an industry where the top players continue to excel in their value-add to the industry.

Key dates for your diary

Nominations Open 22nd March

Nominations Close 3rd June

Finalists Announced 24th June

Awards Ceremony takes place 2nd October

Post Ceremony Press released 3rd October

NEW categories for 2019!

Reflecting on the need for businesses today to drive transformational change in their industry, align strategy to the SDGs and build a dialogue with investors, Ethical Corporation has added new and updated categories for 2019!

New for 2019 include:

  • *NEW* Business Transformation Award
    This award will reward companies that have embraced innovative opportunities to develop a sustainable business model for the future. See more here
  • *NEW* Clean Energy Transition Award
    This award will celebrate an ambitious strategy which embraces the net-zero mindset and is taking a lead in addressing carbon-impacts across its value chain. See more here
  • *NEW* Circular Innovation Award
    This award will celebrate innovation which moves the company from a linear to a circular model. See more here
  • *NEW* Plastics Innovation Award
    This category rewards companies that have demonstrated a market leading plastics initiative which has created measurable impact through deploying technology or innovation. See more here
  • *NEW* SDG Impact Award
    This award will recognise a company initiative or campaign which is best aligning impact to the SDGs and sets industry-leading standards as a company. See more here

Here’s what our previous winners had to say:


“Winning the Award provided an energising boost to our team. There was a feeling that the external recognition brought additional credibility to the Supplier Exchange Platform and validated all of our hard work.”

Tetra Pak Group

“Ethical Corporation is well regarded in the field of sustainability, and they play a vital role in recognising the efforts businesses are making to become more responsible. For this reason, we would definitely recommend entering the awards to our peers.”

Simona Gatta, senior manager PR and reputation, Tetra Pak Group

“Ethical Corporation over its years has made a major contribution in advancing the cause of more responsible and sustainable business models. It provides a unique, refreshing perspective and insights for the responsible business leaders.”

Paul Polman, Former CEO, Unilever

Deadline extended – enter the awards now

Get a full run-down on the new categories and entry requirements

Benefits from the 2019 Awards:

  • Bring awareness to your recent ground-breaking sustainability initiative
  • Enhance your corporate reputation and build trust with key stakeholders
  • Showcase your sustainability commitments and values
  • Benchmark your performance with 400+ world’s leading organisations
  • Reward your team for their hard work and make them proud employees

Winners for 2018

Deadline extended – enter the awards now

Get a full run-down on the new categories and entry requirements

Join the world’s best in corporate responsibility and sustainability

Our Responsible Business Awards recognise the leading sustainable and responsible business strategies the world over. We look to put the limelight on truly innovative strategies that are pushing forward the boundary of corporate responsibility and sustainability. Winners of our Awards span the globe, and in just the past two years we've seen 38 winning entrants from 18 different countries - as highlighted below:

World Map

Deadline extended – enter the awards now

Get a full run-down on the new categories and entry requirements

Our Track-Record of Proven Success


Number one Awards and celebration for business professionals from across the globe looking to become a truly sustainable and responsible business


Global reach: 1. all winners and highly-commended will receive coverage of their initiatives through our internally-renowned magazine and website


A night to remember: over 250 leading business executives from around the world meet to celebrate and share their corporate responsibility and sustainability successes

Deadline extended – enter the awards now

Get a full run-down on the new categories and entry requirements

Like to know more?

If you’ve a question left unanswered, or would like more information, get in touch with me using the below contact details:

Krina Amin

Krina Amin

Head of Strategy
Ethical Corporation

Phone: +44 (0) 207 375 7508

Phone (US): +1800 814 3459 x 7508


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