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Practical Idea-Based Sessions on the Future of Reporting

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Impact Keynote: Shaping future business strategies through full impact assessments

Companies need a complete picture of new opportunities and changes. Sometimes the ‘clean’ option has greater unintended consequences. Hear how companies are using full impact assessment to create the business case and ensure sustainability drives sustainable and successful strategic decisions

Yorkshire Water Richard Flint CEO Yorkshire Water

Aditya Birla Group Tony Henshaw Chief Sustainability Officer Aditya Birla Group

Long-term ESG Disclosure Keynote: Transparent, Investor Driven

Discover ways in which your company can communicate ESG challenges with investors. Understand what investors expect, what is long-term for an investor and how to push ESG disclosure forward

JLL Richard Batten BA, MRICS Global Chief CR Officer JLL

Aroundtown Andrew Wallis Deputy CEO  Aroundtown

CDP Frances Way Chief Strategy Officer CDP

TCFD Keynote: Engaging investors through robust climate-related disclosures

Investors are increasingly using shareholder resolutions to request greater disclosure on climate-related risks. Learn how CEOs and CFOs are using the TCFD guidelines as a tool to engage investors on future risks and actions

EU Directive Keynote: How will the new regulatory updates impact your reporting process?

Hear the latest regulatory updates of the European Commission directive on non-financial reporting how it will impact your reporting process both now, and in the coming years

Accountancy Europe Hilde Blomme Deputy CEO Accountancy Europe

SDG Keynote: Framing ESG impacts through an SDG-lens

The Sustainable Development Goals are a framework that has a shared global ambition and narrative. Hear how companies are using the SDGs as a way of disclosing ESG data and key stakeholders on current and future impacts

World Benchmarking Alliance Paul Druckman Chairman World Benchmarking Alliance

Itau BBA International Renato Lulia Jacob Chief Executive Officer Itau BBA International

Closing Keynote: Reporting Fatigue – Is It Time to Focus on Just a Few?

Companies are faced with increasing requests to disclose ESG data – from key stakeholders, investors, customers, NGOs as well as the yearly framework, ranking and ratings cycle. The lack of standardisation is leading to reporting fatigue – causing a lack of time to make strategic changes. What is the future of sustainability reporting? Should companies focus on just a few key areas to disclose impact? Will harmonisation occur where it means less work on the reporting and disclosure process?

CHAIR: The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Janice Lao Director Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels


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Data & Impact Assessment
ESG Data: What should we really be measuring?

Measurement of ESG data isn’t an exact science. The amount of data sets available coupled with different information requests and an increased need to be transparent leads to headaches.  Discover how to navigate the data measurement challenge and understand what ESG data is material – should we only be focusing on ESG issues that are financially material?

Abris Capital Robert Sroka ESG Director and Ethics Officer for CEE Abris Capital

DNB Bank ASA Hilde Nordbø Sustainability Manager DNB Bank ASA

Global Reporting Initiative Sabine Content Director Corporate & Stakeholder Engagement Global Reporting Initiative

Measuring and steering Climate Impact – Best in class case studies

Hear examples of leading climate-focused impact models, metrics and initiatives. Use this information to make science-driven decisions and implement effective and meaningful actions

Coca-Cola Hellenic IT Services Galya Tsonkova Group Sustainability Policy and Reporting Manager Coca-Cola Hellenic IT Services

UBQ Materials Christopher Sveen Chief Sustainability Officer UBQ Materials

Utilising New Technologies to Streamline the Reporting Process and Enhance Decision-Making

Technology offers an array of new opportunities, but the myriad of solutions and implementations are never straightforward. Learn how companies are using systems and services to manage and validate data, streamline the reporting process and offer actionable insights for future investments

Benchmarking – What does real impact look like?

Generic data and measurement can be useless without benchmarks to quantify impact. How do you join a KPI-led core business methodology to a social and environmental impact ambition? Should all impacts be monetised?

MOL Group Gergely Jancsár Head of Sustainability MOL Group

Danske Bank Ulrika Hasselgren Global Head of Sustainability & Impact Investment Danske Bank

Ratings Agency methodology

Understand what information ratings agencies are capturing, how it’s impacting investment decisions and how you can stand out from the crowd in this practical deep dive of the ratings agencies’ methodology


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Total Impact Reporting
Assurance of data – Robust, standardised metrics that investors can trust

Companies are increasingly being asked to disclose more accurate ESG data.  Practitioners need to be confident of the data they are disclosing:

  • Discover new tools and systems that help identify false data
  • Learn of the new standards and methods that can improve this process

Accountancy Europe Hilde Blomme Deputy CEO Accountancy Europe

Polymetal International Daria Goncharova Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of Non-Financial Reporting Polymetal International

Accurately reporting impacts

As the practice of measuring impact evolves and gains momentum, companies are increasingly calling for a harmonised approach to measure and value their interactions with environment and society. Hear examples on how your company can accurately report its full business impacts

ABN AMRO Tjeerd Krumpelman Head of Reporting & Stakeholder Engagement ABN AMRO

Reporting on long-term value creation

A holistic view of a business, not just a financial one, is driving investment decisions and the long-term future of businesses. ESG reporting & external pressure to disclose is providing genuine value to business strategy by demonstrating company resilience to risk, ROI of sustainability initiatives and the steps the company is making towards 2030 targets. Hear what role reporting is playing in moving society towards a long-term sustainable, inclusive economic model

European Investment Bank Prof Dr Hakan Lucius Head of Corporate Responsibility European Investment Bank

NN Investment Partners Hendrik-Jan Boer Head of Sustainable Equity Investments NN Investment Partners

Human Rights Reporting: Engaging the business on more accurate data and transparency
  • Learn how your company can ensure accurate oversight and data from across the supply chain
  • Hear practical ideas on how to engage the whole business to ensure greater transparency and accurate Human Rights data

William Jackson Food Group Gavin Milligan Group Sustainability Director William Jackson Food Group

CHRB Dan Neale Director CHRB


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Impact-Driven Communications
Disclosure: The transparency dilemma
  • Understand how to disclose data that builds trust, whilst retaining competitive advantage
  • Hear the benefits of a reporting strategy based on good and consistent disclosure
  • Learn how a transparent approach can build trust and business success

Siemens Nicoletta Heilsberger Senior Manager Sustainability Positioning, Business and Human Rights Siemens

Investor Focus: How do investors analyse, compare and make investment decisions?

Hear how investors make their investment decisions, what they want and how corporates can improve their communications and disclosures

M&G Anita McBain Head of Responsible Investment M&G

Purpose-driven communications: Moving from activity to impact

Companies need to move from activity-based communications to more meaningful quantified impact and outcomes. Learn how your company can set appropriate goals and communicate meaningful impacts

AXA Switzerland Thomas Hügli Chief Sustainability Officer AXA Switzerland

NEW for 2019: Innovative engagement campaigns – case studies

We will run several 10-minute case study sessions where you will hear of innovative ways to engage key stakeholders on your sustainability impacts. Discuss innovative ways to improve stakeholder engagement and dialogue through new systems and integrated communication campaigns

Pernod Ricard Vanessa Wright Group VP Sustainability & Responsibility Pernod Ricard


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In-Depth Workshops
SDG Workshop: From communication to contribution
  • How to measure SDG-focused activities that showcase impact
  • Demonstrate how your company is contributing to local and national ambitions
  • Each roundtable discussions will focus on one particular SDG

Nordic Investment Bank Jukka Ahonen Senior Director, Head of Communications Nordic Investment Bank

TCFD Workshop: Scenario Analysis – plugging the data gap (by industry)
  • Understand the most likely scenarios for your industry
  • Discover the data gaps left by scientists and how that impacts your industry
  • Learn how to calculate your company’s fiscal risk to climate impacts
  • How to use the TCFD protocol to identify future climate-resilient strategies

Metro Michael Goebbels Director Corporate Responsibility Strategy & Reporting Metro

The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Janice Lao Director Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels

Natural Capital: Developing and piloting Natural Capital Analysis
  • How can the Natural Capital protocol be utilized to add value to strategic planning?
  • How does one conduct a Natural Capital Protocol Scenario Analysis?

Birmingham Business School Delphine Gibassier Senior Research Fellow Birmingham Business School


Finalised agenda · Full speaker line-up · exclusive discounts