Transform: Energy & Carbon · 28 - 29th September

How your Business can Help Lead the Energy Transition

  • 3,000+Attendees
  • 50+Expert Speakers
  • 3+Days of Interactive Workshops
  • 2+Days of Networking

Businesses are living through a period of unprecedented change. Driven by the climate emergency and incoming regulation, plus shareholder, employee and consumer pressure - every business is being challenged with how to become a low-carbon enterprise.

Reuters Events’ Transform: Energy and Carbon will bring together leading companies across multiple industries to address the challenge; how companies can reduce carbon emissions and develop regenerative strategies, whilst continuing to grow, increase the bottom-line, and deliver the products and services that make the brands what they are.

The 2-day live virtual event, followed by virtual VIP working groups, will unite CEOs, CPOs, CSOs and heads of Sustainability, Energy and Sourcing share strategies on how they are operating, designing, manufacturing and supplying a Net-Positive business. It will deliver the practical strategies on how to execute Science-Based Targets to transform the entire organisation in-line with their vision for decarbonisation.

The thought leaders transforming business for a better future speaking at Transform

Hear from the most senior line-up of sustainability, procurement supply chain and circularity leaders helping deliver a clean, circular and inclusive future

Katharina Stenholm - Headshot
Danone - Logo

Katharina Stenholm Chief Procurement Officer Danone

Marc Engel - Headshot
Unilever - Logo

Marc Engel Chief Supply Chain Officer Unilever

Regine Lucas - Headshot
L'Oréal - Logo

Regine Lucas Chief Procurement Officer L'Oréal

Dan Bartel - Headshot
Schneider Electric - Logo

Dan Bartel Chief Procurement Officer Schneider Electric

Nigel Stansfield - Headshot
Interface - Logo

Nigel Stansfield President EAAA Interface

Marco Van Der Ree - Headshot
GRI - Logo

Marco Van Der Ree Chief Development Officer GRI

Kęsţutis Sadauskas - Headshot
European Commission - Logo

Kęsţutis Sadauskas Director of Circularity & Green Growth European Commission

Sharan Burrow - Headshot
International Trade Union - Logo

Sharan Burrow General Secretary International Trade Union

Nick Glicher - Headshot
Thomson Reuters Foundation - Logo

Nick Glicher Chief Operating Officer Thomson Reuters Foundation

Euan Murray - Headshot
Sustainability Consortium - Logo

Euan Murray CEO Sustainability Consortium

Leen Zevenbergen - Headshot
B Lab Europe - Logo

Leen Zevenbergen Co-Founder B Lab Europe

Michael Gidney - Headshot
Fairtrade Foundation - Logo

Michael Gidney CEO Fairtrade Foundation

Paul Campbell - Headshot
Pepsico Europe and Sub Saharan Africa - Logo

Paul Campbell Senior Vice President Supply Chain Pepsico Europe and Sub Saharan Africa

Kate Wylie - Headshot
Mars - Logo

Kate Wylie Global Head of Sustainability Mars

Sir Ronald Cohen - Headshot
GSG - Logo

Sir Ronald Cohen Author of IMPACT: Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change and Chair of GSG

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The 2020 Virtual Conference Agenda

Plenary Sessions

Delivering a Green, Clean Form of Recovery post Covid-19

Europe has targeted a Clean rebuild of the economy post Covid-19. Businesses understand that financial sustainability now means low carbon. Understand how companies are planning to balance their immediate business priorities with the increasing impediment to decarbonise. How much can we sacrifice? How much can we spend now?

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Leveraging Digital Technology for Scope 3 Strategy and Delivery

Setting science-based targets is one thing, developing a strategy for delivery and measuring progress is another. Hear how leading corporates are leveraging digital technology to aid their decarbonisation journey; monitoring carbon hotspots and remote supply-chain operations through satellite imagery.

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Embedding a Low-Carbon Mindset Across Your Organisation: Departmental Collaboration for Deep Decarbonisation

To truly decarbonise, companies must collaborate across a product’s lifecycle, from research & product development, material resourcing, and supply-chain operations, right through to retail and customer end-use. Hear how leaders are managing this collaborative decarbonisation across multiple departments, geographies, and disciplines through embedding a carbon consciousness across the organisation and product lifecycle.

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Carbon Strategy: Corporate Governance of Science-Based Targets

Laying down targets across various areas of your business is one thing, achieving them is another. Understand how businesses are governing GHG mitigation across various departments by tying performance to decarbonisation targets, ring-fencing funding for decarbonisation and much more

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Securing Internal Finance for Low Carbon initiatives

In uncertain economic times, securing funding for decarbonising initiatives can be difficult. Hear how industry leaders have approached the issue, tying procurement programs, new product development, and supply-chain initiatives to a decarbonisation strategy

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Corporations Leading the Low-Carbon Transition: Collaboration, Community Investment, and Corporate Activism

Companies are not limited to their own scope 1,2, & 3 emissions in the climate fight. Hear how corporates are investing in low-carbon initiatives in their communities, how they are collaborating with each other to decarbonise shared suppliers across the world, and how they are lobbying for greener regulation at the regional, national, and international level.

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Energy Procurement

Knowing the Right PPA Strategy for Your Business

There are a variety of different PPA arrangements that corporates can opt for: different renewable types, annual net 100 % emissions or real-time 100% emissions, long-term fixed contracts or power hedging. Understand what the best strategy is for your asset portfolio and which contract you should be signing up to. Learn how leading corporates have de-risked their PPA strategies with multiple buyers, regulatory buy -in, and price guarantees

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Understanding the Regulatory Outlook Across Your Operational Geographies

The greatest option for clean energy procurement may be cross-border or multi-national. Understand how you can best navigate this multi-subsidy, multi-national, and EU regulatory environment. As countries across Europe are increasingly taking tougher climate action, get the latest take on how PPA regulation may evolve over the next 5 years, with predictions on mandated clean energy procurement across different national and regional jurisdictions

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How to Leverage the Latest Data-Driven Energy Modelling to Know When to Lock-In Your PPA for the Long-Haul

PPAs are clearly a long-term commitment, with contracts ranging from 10-20 years. Get the low down on how energy markets may evolve over the next 10 years and why securing a price now may be the cheapest option moving forward

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Identifying and Investing in New Energy Solutions

To deliver a low-carbon transition companies must identify and invest in new low-carbon energy solutions. However identifying and appropriating upfront costs can be restricting. Hear how companies have taken innovative and collaborative approaches to assist their low-carbon transition

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Developing an Integrated Energy Strategy

For many companies, a significant proportion of their GHG emissions come from how they source energy. Learn how to work with internal teams and key partners, both upstream and downstream, to develop a low-carbon, integrated approach to energy procurement.

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Climate Action

Achieving Net-Zero: Identifying Nature Based Solutions Most Suited to your Needs

Most companies will look to Nature Based Solutions to help offset their emissions and assist their low-carbon transition. Understand how you identify initiatives that most suit your needs, both now and in the future. Learn how leading corporates have identified ambitious partnerships and investments to accelerate their transition.

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Embedding Climate Risk into the Enterprise Risk Management Process

As illustrated by Covid-19, identified risks will occur sooner or later. It is imperative that companies prepare their business operations for the physical risks associated with Climate Change and the impending changes that a net-zero transition will bring. Learn how companies are using the latest technologies to strategise for differing scenarios and embedding the most salient risks within their Enterprise Risk Management processes.

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Supply-Chain & Business Procurement

How to Source Low-Carbon Materials Without Compromising on Quality

Discover how Business Procurement Managers can shed scope 3 emissions by monitoring supplier emissions and choosing the lower carbon option. Hear how some managers have engaged with suppliers to encourage the adoption of low carbon practices

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Creating a Carbon Conscious Supply-Chain

Options to limiting scope 3 emissions are limited. Listen to leaders discuss their innovative approaches to decarbonising their supply-chains, from moving suppliers closer to market to reducing air travel to choosing lower carbon transport options

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Supercharging Green Energy Development Across Your Supply-Chain Through Collaborations

Discover how companies are leveraging their procurement function to advance clean energy in their supply chain. Get the latest on company collaborations aimed at decarbonising shared suppliers through clean and energy efficient solutions

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I could think of no better place to make our announcement today than among other businesses who understand that responsible business is good business

Ronan Dunne, Former CEO – Telefonica UK (O2) Telefonica UK (O2) Ronan Dunne

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Six Reasons Why the Reuters Events Transform: Energy & Carbon is Unique:

CEO and Board Level News

Gain access to first-hand insights from the industry’s biggest names on what progress has been made and what opportunities lie ahead

All Stakeholders, All Assets, One Place

We cannot transform business to lead the energy transition alone. Join leaders from across all industries and sectors as we share strategies on how they are operating, designing, manufacturing and supplying a Net-Positive business

Practical Case Studies

The ONLY forum to deep-dive into case studies from a range of sectors to encourage across-industry learning and ensure we are all doing our best to transform, protecting our people, our businesses and our planet !

Industry Driven Agenda

Our bespoke agendas are crafted by industry, for industry with carefully selected themes and discussions to provide a conclusive guide to transform your entire organisation in-line with its vision for decarbonisation

Reuters Editorial Interviews

Our editorial colleagues are keen to drive debate and will leave live fireside chats onstage with the biggest names in climate politics. Prepare for household names to take to the stage with direction-setting insights and industry leading analysis

1:1 Networking Services

You cannot succeed through transition alone. Join us for 2+ days of bespoke 1-2-1 networking through our matchmaking and meetings services for total interaction

Arrange virtual meetings with our dedicated meeting and messaging service

FIND Search our list of over 3,000+ virtual attendees from across the key areas of business.

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SUPPORT Receive 1 to 1 support for all your meeting and messaging needs from Transform networking concierge team.

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Below are a selection of companies that have sponsored and continue to sponsor Ethical Corporation events.

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Our Community:

Transform: Carbon will unite the senior Carbon Target Strategists, Sustainability and Procurement Officers who are defining and leading corporate decarbonisation and energy strategies.

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Representatives include:
  • Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Net-Zero Manager
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Head of Environment
  • Chief Procurement Officer
  • Director, Carbon Management
  • Head of Global Procurement
  • Sustainable Sourcing Director
  • Head of Energy Strategy
  • Head of Energy
  • Head of Carbon
  • Head of Renewables
  • PPA Manager
  • Head of Sustainable Development
  • Head of Procurement Responsibility and Sustainability Chief Strategy Officer
  • Purchasing Director

Our in-depth sessions and workshops will bring together subject matter experts to deliver the practical strategies on how to execute low-carbon strategies across the organisation.

Corporate Energy:

  • Energy Procurement
  • PPA Manager
  • Waste Procurement
  • Energy Strategy
  • Head of Energy
  • Head of Carbon
  • Head of Renewables

Procurement & Supply-Chain:

  • Head of Supply Chain
  • Group Purchasing
  • Global Procurement
  • Business Resources Procurement
  • Sustainable Sourcing
  • Head of Environment

Partners & Consortia:

  • EV100
  • RE100
  • Global Battery Alliance

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This Summit is an extremely good platform to exchange practical ideas on sustainable procurement and to shape the future of corporate sustainability.

Luis Neves, Group Sustainability and Climate Protection Officer, Deutsche Telekom Deutsche Telekom Luis Neves

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