World-class speaker faculty includes:

Katharina Stenholm - Headshot
Danone - Logo

Katharina Stenholm Chief Procurement Officer Danone

Marc Engel - Headshot
Unilever - Logo

Marc Engel Chief Supply Chain Officer Unilever

Regine Lucas - Headshot
L'Oréal - Logo

Regine Lucas Chief Procurement Officer L'Oréal

Marco Van Der Ree - Headshot
GRI - Logo

Marco Van Der Ree Chief Development Officer GRI

Kęsţutis Sadauskas - Headshot
European Commission - Logo

Kęsţutis Sadauskas Director of Circularity & Green Growth European Commission

Sharan Burrow - Headshot
International Trade Union - Logo

Sharan Burrow General Secretary International Trade Union

Jarkko Havas - Headshot
Ellen Macarthur Foundation Confederation - Logo

Jarkko Havas Lead of Data and Metrics Initiative Ellen Macarthur Foundation Confederation

Sir Ronald Cohen - Headshot
GSG - Logo

Sir Ronald Cohen Author of IMPACT: Reshaping Capitalism to Drive Real Change and Chair of GSG

Brent Wilton - Headshot
Coca Cola - Logo

Brent Wilton Global Workplace Rights Director Coca Cola

Marcela Manubens - Headshot
Unilever - Logo

Marcela Manubens Global VP Integrated Social Sustainability Unilever

Dan Bartel - Headshot
Schneider Electric - Logo

Dan Bartel Chief Procurement Officer Schneider Electric

Kate Wylie - Headshot
Mars - Logo

Kate Wylie Global Head of Sustainability Mars

Leen Zevenbergen - Headshot
B Lab Europe - Logo

Leen Zevenbergen Co-Founder B Lab Europe

Nigel Stansfield - Headshot
Interface - Logo

Nigel Stansfield President EAAA Interface

Dorethe Nielsen - Headshot
Novo Nordisk - Logo

Dorethe Nielsen Global VP Circular Economy Novo Nordisk

Elisa Moscolin - Headshot
Santander - Logo

Elisa Moscolin Head of Sustainability & CSR Santander

Paul Campbell - Headshot
Pepsico Europe and Sub Saharan Africa - Logo

Paul Campbell Senior Vice President Supply Chain Pepsico Europe and Sub Saharan Africa

Euan Murray - Headshot
Sustainability Consortium - Logo

Euan Murray CEO Sustainability Consortium

Nick Glicher - Headshot
Thomson Reuters Foundation - Logo

Nick Glicher Chief Operating Officer Thomson Reuters Foundation

Michael Gidney - Headshot
Fairtrade Foundation - Logo

Michael Gidney CEO Fairtrade Foundation

Reinier Guijt - Headshot
Dutch Government - Logo

Reinier Guijt Senior Policy Maker (Circular and Responsible Procurement) Dutch Government

Pablo Perversi - Headshot
Barry Callebaut - Logo

Pablo Perversi Chief Innovation, Sustainability & Quality Officer and Head of Gourmet Barry Callebaut

Claribelle Poujol - Headshot

Claribelle Poujol Head of Resource Mobilization and Partnerships UNFCCC

James Gomme - Headshot
WBCSD - Logo

James Gomme Director of SDGs WBCSD

Daniël Poolen - Headshot
Rabobank - Logo

Daniël Poolen Sustainability Researcher & Expert in Plastics Rabobank

John Morrison - Headshot
IHRB - Logo

John Morrison Chief Executive IHRB

Salvatore Bernabei - Headshot
Enel - Logo

Salvatore Bernabei Global Head of Procurement Enel

Prof. Paolo Taticchi, OMRI, Professorial - Headshot
Imperial College - Logo

Prof. Paolo Taticchi, OMRI, Professorial Fellow in Management and Sustainability Imperial College

Dorothee D’Herde - Headshot
Vodafone - Logo

Dorothee D’Herde Head of Sustainable Business Vodafone

Marcel Jacobs - Headshot
Circl8 and Artic Alliance - Logo

Marcel Jacobs Director and Founder Circl8 and Artic Alliance

David Greenfield - Headshot
Circular Economy Club - Logo

David Greenfield MD of External European Affairs Circular Economy Club

Sören Enholm - Headshot
TCO Development - Logo

Sören Enholm CEO TCO Development

Rodolfo Nervi - Headshot
Bacardi - Logo

Rodolfo Nervi VP Global Safety, Quality & Sustainability Bacardi

Louise Nicholls - Headshot
Suseco - Logo

Louise Nicholls Managing Director Suseco

Paulo Magina - Headshot
OECD - Logo

Paulo Magina Head of Public Procurement Unit OECD

Terry Slavin - Headshot
Reuters Events Sustainable Business - Logo

Terry Slavin Editor Reuters Events Sustainable Business